Airports are the future.

Around the world, strong airports lead to strong economies. But in the US, we have been unable to invest what is needed to improve our airports and your travel experience. By modernizing the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) and maintaining the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) to fund these improvements, we can drive the innovation necessary for airports to strengthen security and increase competition to lower fares. But airlines want to stop this despite the benefit to its passengers – the same customers they charge fee after fee to make billions in profits.

Watch the video. Sign the petition. Tell Congress to put airports and passengers first. Demand an upgrade for your airport.

The big airlines want more of your money.

They say they want to protect you from modernizing the PFC. But the airlines would rather have you pay them an extra $4 to pad their bottom line than devote that money entirely to upgrading your airport. Now they are standing in the way of the airport improvements that matter to you most, making a real difference in your travel experience.

How an adjustment to the PFC works for you:

Modern Security Checkpoints
Increased Airline Competition
Lower Fares
Baggage Handling Upgrades
On-Time Flights
Shorter Lines

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It's time to get Washington out of the way. Tell Congress to upgrade your airport!

The comfort of air travel begins and ends at the airport. With the support of Congress, we can modernize the Passenger Facility Charge and protect the Airport Improvement Program to fund airport improvements that enhance security and increase competition to lower fares.

Enough is enough! It’s time to get Washington out of the airport business. Tell Congress to put passengers first and let airports become more financially self-sufficient.

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Stacking up the fees.



Existing Passenger Facility Charge
Proposed Fee Adjustment

Helps airports fund FAA-approved infrastructure improvements to fix aging runways and terminals, relieve congestion and delays, and spur new airline competition that can lower fares. PFCs also enhance security and safety, as well as upgrades to technology and transit – all benefits to passengers, improving their overall travel experience.


$25 First Checked Bag
$55 Second Checked Bag
$300 Oversized Bags
$200 Non-Refundable Ticket Change
$75 Same-Day Ticket Change
$100 Last Minute Ticketing
$35 Reservation by Phone
$150 Unaccompanied Minor
$250 In-Cabin Pet
$9.95 Inflight Wi-Fi
$250 Seat Selection
$40 Priority Boarding

Don't buy what the airlines are telling you.

When you stack up the fees, it’s pretty clear they don’t have your back as they continue to gouge passengers with fee after fee. If you’re tired of contributing to the billions of dollars the airlines profit each year from these fees and want a fee that actually gives something back, sign the petition to support a modernization of the Passenger Facility Charge and upgrade your airport!

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Keep D.C. out of airports’ way, foster their self-sufficiency

Keep D.C. out of airports’ way, foster their self-sufficiency

AUGUST 18, 2015 – As the busy summer travel season continues, Florida’s airports are working overtime to ensure tourists are able to get to Florida’s beautiful beaches and world-class attractions as quickly as possible. Moreover, Florida’s businesses rely on our aviation system to compete in the global marketplace.